Rethink church schedules.

Bring your various church-related schedules online in a powerful way! More than simply uploading an existing document, you can build schedules for the nursery, ushers, host family, deacons and more right inside the app. Members can then view those schedules, and even get automatic reminder emails sent to them.
Get weekly email reminders.
Create schedules for anything.
Bulk import schedules from Excel.
Individual, family and group schedules.
Download print-ready versions.

Never forget a task again.

It's so easy to forget church tasks, such as babysitting, managing the sound booth, or ushering on Sunday morning. Church Social makes this an issue of the past with weekly email reminders.
Screenshot of a schedule page

"If you’re considering Church Social for your church, I can’t recommend it highly enough!"

Rev. Dick Wynia
Pastor of the Vineyard Canadian Reformed Church in Lincoln, Ontario

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