Empower your church leaders.

To assist them in their important roles, pastors, elders and deacons are given special access to more sensitive membership information within Church Social. They are also given access to the private council only file folders.
Special access to membership information.
Create private leadership-only file folders.
Manage pastoral care groups.
Setup office bearer schedules.
Illustration of a pastor, elder and deacon around a council table

Be an informed leader.

Use the member closeup feature in Church Social to gain deeper insights into the people under your care. For example, previous marriage information, dates of loved-one's deaths, membership history, baptism dates, and more.
Screenshot of the member closeup modal

Ward & district management.

Church Social allows you to organize your members into pastoral care groups, sometimes called wards, districts or parishes.
Screenshot of the ward list report

"Church Social allows our elders and deacons to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time shepherding the flock."

Rev. William den Hollander
Pastor of the Langley Canadian Reformed Church in British Columbia

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