About Us

  • Jonathan Reinink

    Our mission

    Church Social started in 2009 in response to a growing need from Reformed churches wanting to use the Internet to improve both internal communications and data management within their congregations. These objectives remain our primary goals today. We want members to spend less time managing systems and more time on important Kingdom work.

  • Jonathan Reinink

    Who's using it

    Church Social is currently used by more than 50 Canadian Reformed, United Reformed and Free Reformed congregations in Canada, the United States and Australia. Members have logged in a combined 300,000+ times, and roughly 125,000 emails are sent every month via our emailer tool.

  • Jonathan Reinink

    Who we are

    Church Social is owned and operated by Jonathan Reinink, a software developer located in Southern Ontario. Jonathan is a member of the Canadian Reformed Church federation, and attends at the Vineyard congregation in Lincoln. Outside of Church Social, Jonathan runs a freelance web development business, called Code Distillery.