Keeping your
church connected.

Church Social gives congregations a safe place to communicate, share information, and manage membership online.

Church software you'll love.

We believe day-to-day church life can be made better with software, especially software you love using. Church Social is an easy-to-use app that helps congregations get organized and stay connected.
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Empower your leaders.

To assist pastors, elders and deacons with their important roles, they are given special access within Church Social to more sensitive membership information, as well as council-only files.
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Trusted by churches around the world.

"Church Social helps pastors focus on caring for their congregation by providing easy access to current membership details."

Rev. John van Popta
Pastor emeritus of the Fellowship Church in Burlington, Ontario
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Take control of your membership records.

Church Social makes tracking your membership information a simple task. No more struggling with Excel, old databases or laborious software updates. Instead, store it securely online and login anytime, from anywhere. Just enter your data and watch as the software automatically organizes it, generates statistics and creates reports.
We'll help you get started.
We understand that moving to a new software platform can be a challenge. That's why we offer to import your existing data at no extra cost. Simply provide us with your existing records in an Excel format, and we'll take care of the rest!
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Your data is safe with us.

Rest assured knowing that your congregation's data is safe with us. Church Social was built with security front-of-mind, and it remains an integral part of our business.

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