Schedules just got better

Posted on June 18, 2019 by Jonathan Reinink

Church Social provides a powerful way of organizing your various church related schedules in a place where all your members can access them. And, they aren't simply static lists. Schedule reminders appear in the calendar, and even better, they are automatically emailed on a weekly basis, helping volunteers remember their tasks. Because, hey…it's easy to forget, right? This week we've introduced a number of improvements to make schedules even better.

Importing schedules

As great a schedules are, the truth is, getting them into Church Social hasn't been that easy. Previously, all entries had to be manually added within the app. We are thrilled to announce that schedule importing now exists! This allows you to bulk create your schedules in a program like Microsoft Excel, and then import that schedule into Church Social.

Screenshot of the schedule import tool

Improved editing

We've also made it easier to edit existing schedule entries. You can now edit the date and subject (person, family or group) on existing schedule entries.

Screenshot of editing a schedule entry

Viewing past schedules

Have you ever wanted to see past dates for a schedule? You now can! Schedules are now organized into months. By default you see the current month, but you can also navigate forward, or backward in time.

Sorting schedules

In the schedule settings, you can now choose how to sort a schedule. There are two options: Date/Name (the default), and Date/Description/Name. This new option allows you to sort the schedule entries by your description field first, before the name. This can be helpful in certain situations. For example, a nursery schedule which includes an AM and PM value in the description.

Printing schedules

Finally, we've added the ability to print schedules. We actually introduced this late last year, but never officially announced it. This can be really handy for posting a schedule on a bulletin board at church, or sharing schedules with volunteers.

Screenshot of a printed host family schedule