Meet our new logo and branding

Posted on May 31, 2019 by Jonathan Reinink

Today, we're incredibly excited to share a huge update we've made to the Church Social branding. This includes a new logo, website, and updated app. Helping us through the rebrand process was Joel Reynolds of Capture Studio. We're thrilled with the results.

New logo

We've said goodbye to the old scripty logo. It has served us well, but with this rebrand we really wanted to position ourselves as a software company. Our new corporate typeface is called Nexa, a versatile, modern sans-serif font. Maybe most notably we moved away from the burgundy to a more friendly colour palette, with teal being our new primary brand colour.

The new Church Social logo

In addition to the wordmark, we also added an icon. It includes the roof and steeple of a church. The shingles of the roof make an (upside-down) wifi logo. The cross in the middle keeps our focus on what matters most—Christ. The icon was a much needed addition. We finally have something to put on our social media pages and in our site favicon.

New illustrations

Next we had Joel's brother, Ben Reynolds, create some amazing illustrations for us. Illustrations help us tell the Church Social story, without the need for stock photography. Our goal with the illustrations was to look professional, while also being friendly and not coming across too serious. We think Ben did an amazing job! 😍

A illustration of a family

New website

Then came the really fun part—redesigning our website! Looking back in our blog archive, I now realize that our last website redesign happened almost exactly five years ago. This redesign is certainly the best iteration yet! Not only does the whole brand come together in a really powerful way, we've also added a lot more content. In particular, we improved on our feature pages, now doing a much better job of explaining what Church Social is, and how it's various features can be a blessing to church life.

Screenshot of the redesigned Church Social website

App refresh

Last, but certainly not least, we updated the app to match our new look. Fortunately this was a fairly painless process, since we did a complete app redesign only last year. We took this opportunity to improve the app header and navigation a little.

Screenshot of the redesigned Church Social app

So there you have it! This is a huge milestone for Church Social, and we believe positions us well for the future. We hope you all enjoy the new look as much as we do!