Sermons now support PDF documents

Posted on May 8, 2018 by Jonathan Reinink

One great feature of the sermon archive in Church Social is the ability to have multiple formats per sermon. Churches can add both video and audio versions. They can even set some as public (to be displayed on their website), and some as private (only available to members in the app). And, as of today, we've added a third format, PDF documents!

How to

To add a PDF document to a sermon, simply add a new media format like you would with video embeds or audio files, and then click on the "Document" tab. From there you can select a PDF file to upload.

Screenshot of adding a PDF document sermon format


Sharing a text version of sermons can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • People may prefer reading a sermon to watching or listening.
  • Text versions can be printed, where audio and video cannot.
  • You can copy and paste text from a PDF, useful for sharing quotations in bible studies and other situations.
  • PDF files are much smaller in size, making them more accessible on poor Internet connections.

WordPress update required

This new feature required some changes in our Church Social WordPress plugin. Be sure to update the plugin within your WordPress control panel to take advantage of this new format!