We have a new domain

Posted on July 4, 2016 by Jonathan Reinink

We're excited to announce that we're the proud new owners of the domain churchsocial.com. We've had our eyes on this domain for quite some time, but being a two word "dot com" it came at a high asking price. In fact, the domain was first registered all the way back in April of 2001, roughly 15 years ago!

Fortunately this year we were financially in a position to make a bid for the domain. It felt like the right time, especially in light of the changes in 2015 and our re-commitment to Church Social moving forward. The new domain is easier to remember, shorter to type, and generally more professional than our previous domain.

Practically this has some implications moving forward, most of which will happen automatically:

  • Our primary domain will become churchsocial.com effective immediately
  • Our old domain churchsocialapp.com will simply redirect to this new domain
  • The app will now be found at app.churchsocial.com
  • Our support email address is now [email protected]
  • Our sales email address is now [email protected]

We do recommend that all Church Social users update their safe-sender list to ensure that they continue to recieve our emails without issue. To do this simply add [email protected] to your safe-senders list.