Getting started with Church Social


Congratulations, you've just signed up for Church Social! Thank you very much for choosing our product. It is our hope that it will be a blessing to your church. The following article outlines some key next steps as you begin to introduce Church Social to your congregation.

If you need help

We are here to help. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

Create a statistician account

By default all Church Social accounts come with one member account, the administrator. In some cases the administrator is also the congregation's statistician, the member responsible for managing the membership data. However, if this is not the case for your congregation, we recommend that you create a new account for the statistician at this time. It's helpful for this member to be part of the process from the beginning.

Learn how member data is organized

Be sure to review our statistician's guide to member management to familiarize yourself with how Church Social organizes member data.

Import member data

Before you can really do anything in Church Social, you must first enter your membership data. While we've done our best to simplify this process, it can be a challenging first step. How long it will take for your congregation largely depends on the condition of your existing membership records. The best way to import your data is using the member import tool. See our guide to get started.

Responding to questions about security

As you introduce Church Social to your congregation, you're likely to receive a question or two about security. We have a support article to help here that answers "How secure is Church Social?" While security has been top of mind from day one, it's not uncommon for the odd member or family to be uncomfortable with it and choose to opt-out. If needed, there are a number of privacy settings that can be used to disable certain pieces of information such as birthdays and contact information, or to even hide a family entirely.