Church Websites

Using the robust and time-tested WordPress platform, Church Social offers hosting services for public church websites.

$15/month + $500 setup (hosting only, actual site development to be done by congregation)

Computer monitor with Church Social website shown on the screen

Easy, beautiful and mobile-ready

Over the years, we’ve learned that church websites are often a major source of frustration and even conflict within the church. Instead of relying on one well-intentioned but often over-burdened developer, unite a variety of skills and talents within your congregation into one place. End the struggle with a website system that allows you to share the responsibility with others. Anyone can learn WordPress and help keep the site fresh and helpful.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is web software with a full content management system you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It is a mature and stable product, built over the years by hundreds of community volunteers. Widely used, there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine.

Simple website control panel

WordPress offers an easy to navigate control panel with everything you need to manage your site. Publish a blogpost, edit your pages, and upload media all from the dashboard. Then visit your site and see the updates in real time. More than 10 years old and with thousands of developers and millions of users, WordPress has a huge stockpile of documentation and how-to videos online. If you get stuck, just google your WordPress question and you’ll likely find an answer quickly.

Available app integrations:

Calendar plugin


Sermon archive plugin


Screenshot of the WordPres control panel

Beautiful themes ready to go!

We’ve designed six custom WordPress themes that other churches are already using. You can use any of these six themes for free. If you want something unique, search online through many options to find a design that’s just right for you. When you find it, we can help you purchase and install it. They’re often either free or quite affordable (less than $100).

$15/month + $500 setup

If you’re looking for a new church website, our WordPress hosting is the perfect add-on to Church Social. Our setup and ongoing hosting includes:
  • Wordpress logo

    A fresh install of the newest version of WordPress.

  • Responsive design

    Choose your own WordPress theme, or pick one of our included fully-responsive designs.

  • Fast servers

    Fast web hosting high performance SSD Linux servers.

  • Storage

    Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

  • Domain name

    Custom domains ( available for $15/year.

  • Statistics

    Website statistics included (via Google Analytics).

  • Email

    Custom email forwarders included
    ([email protected] to [email protected]).

  • Email

    Custom email accounts available via Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365. Additional fees may apply.