The WordPress development site

All our new WordPress accounts start out on a development site. This gives churches a place to build their new website before it goes live. This site will come ready-to-go with the latest version of WordPress installed. If you are not familiar with WordPress you can read more about it here.

Accessing the WordPress control panel

WordPress provides a simple control panel that allows congregations to design and build their website without any programming expertise. The WordPress control panel is always found at the "wp-admin" address. For example,

You will have recieved an email from us with a link to your development site as well as your login information for the control panel. Please email us at [email protected] if you did not receive this information.

Important: Your WordPress login information is different than your Church Social login information since these are two seperate programs.

How to go live

When your new WordPress is ready to "go live" simply let us know and we will make the necessary changes to make this your new website. You can learn more about going live with your new WordPress website here.

The inital setup

To help get you started we will do some basic configuration of your new WordPress website. You are of course welcome to adjust any of these settings.

  • We set the site title to the name of your church
  • We remove the default "Just Another Wordpress Site" tagline
  • We uncheck all of the default article discussion settings (discussion is generally not required)
  • We set a human readable permalink structure
  • We delete the default post
  • We rename the sample page to "Welcome"
  • We change the front page to use this welcome page
  • We install one of our WordPress themes and activate it
  • We delete the default WordPress themes
  • We set some theme customizations (social media links, member login link, church address, church service times)
  • We add some example pages: About, Calendar, Sermons & Contact
  • We update the main menu to use these new pages
  • We install and configure the Church Social plugin
  • We delete the "Hello Dolly" and "Akismet" plugins
  • We setup the "Search", "Upcoming Events" & "Recent Sermons" widgets