Settings goals for your church website

Before embarking on a website development project it is helpful to review the purpose and mission of your church website. Maybe your church's evangelism (or home mission) committee already has some of this formalized. Knowing what you are trying to accomplish can simplify the design and content development process. And, of course, it will also help ensure that your new website does what it is supposed to do!

We have helped many congregations with their websites. Here are some of the more common goals we see:

  • The website is primarily a tool for non-members.
  • The website should serve as an outreach tool to non-believers, and even those who attend other churches.
  • The website serves visitors from other churches in the federation and sister churches. Those looking for worship service times, location, etc.
  • The website should introduce your church to your local community.
  • The website should share at a high-level what you believe.
  • The website should state what federation the church belongs to, and what that means.
  • The website should clearly state when you worship, where you worship, and invite non-members to attend.
  • The website should clearly share contact information, including the church address, mailing address, phone numbers and emails of church contacts.
  • The website should introduce your pastor, ideally with a photo and short bio as well as contact information.
  • The website should outline ongoing activities within the church, such as bible studies, youth events, etc.
  • The website should include a calendar of events showing weekly events at the church.
  • The website should outline any ministries that your congregation supports or is involved with.
  • The website should include an archive of past sermons that can be listened to or downloaded.