Going live with your new church website

Once you are happy with how the development site looks, let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. We will "flip the switch" and put the new site live for you. Do note that we will need your assistance if you already have an existing domain name. We will need to make changes to the DNS settings. Do not worry if that sounds confusing. We will take care of it all. We will simply need some login information from you.

Page redirects

If you have an existing website it is important that all your old pages are automatically forwarded to the new website pages. Failing to do this will cause users who visit old links to see "page not found" messages. Worse yet, any existing search engine rankings your website has could be lost. To prevent this we will carefully create automatic forwards (also called 301 redirects) for all the old site pages to the new site pages.


When your new website goes live we will also install Google Analytics so you can start tracking visitor activity. This provides helpful information, such as how many visitors your website is receiving, what pages are most popular, and much more.