Choosing a WordPress theme for your church

One of the bigger decisions you need to make when building a new WordPress website is what theme you will use. This will have a huge bearing on what your final website will look like. There are literally thousands available to you. And while this is great, it can actually make selecting a theme a bit challenging. To help you out, we have created a list of our favourite theme vendors.

Our favourite theme vendors:

Our themes

We have actually designed six custom WordPress themes that churches are welcome to use at no cost. You can view them here. To have one of our themes installed please email us at [email protected].

Look for clean and simple

The trick to selecting a good theme is to find one that is clean and simple. WordPress themes are often quite complex, with many different features and layout options. That can be great, but if can also make the theme difficult to work with. Also remember, you can use any theme for your church website, it does not have to be a church specific theme.

Do not be afraid to choose a premium (paid) theme. They often cost less than $100 and tend be much higher quality than free themes. A worthwhile investment!

Theme functionality

Some themes offer additional built-in functionality, such as an event calendar or a sermon archive. These features may be attractive at first, however it is good to realize that this functionality can often be added to any theme using plugins. For example, our Church Social WordPress plugin allows you to integrate your Church Social calendar and sermon archive into any WordPress theme. Do not choose a theme simply because it offers some built-in functionality. It is better to choose a theme that provides the right look and feel, and you can always add additional functionality with plugins.


Keep in mind that many themes rely heavily on photography. It is great if you choose a theme like this, but be prepared to provide nice photography of your church and maybe even some members. Without your own photography you will need to use stock. Stock photography is okay, but it can quickly look very generic. You do not want your website to simply feel like "just another WordPress site". It is important to let some of your church's personality come through online.

Theme customizations

Most themes come with some form of customization. These are often found in the Customize section of the WordPress control panel, under the Appearance menu. These settings allow you to tweak your website's appearance, including its colours, logo, and other similar modifications. However, the extent of these options really depends on the theme you choose. Be sure to pay attention to this as you choose a theme.

Important: Please be aware that our WordPress hosting service does not include theme customizations.

How to install a theme

Installing a theme is actually quite easy. This can be done in the WordPress control panel under Appearance, then Themes, then Add New. You can search and install themes from the main WordPress theme repository, or you can upload your own theme by clicking the Upload Theme button. If you are having any trouble installing your theme, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] and we will happily help!